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Our IP for HRT Pharmaceuticals and Additional Indications 

Liqui-Patch®  Can Deliver API's for Many Substance Groups and Indications


An important developmental direction that Transdermal Delivery Systems will take is “the path of increasing flexibility, controllability, directability and adjustability.

The Future of Transdermal Delivery Medicines and Use

Our Near Term Focus: 
Licensing Liqui-Patch® to Established HRT Pharmaceutical Companies

We are evaluating entrance to the Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”) market, estimated at $20.0 B in 2017

      Estrogen / progestin market estimated at $10.0 B

      Testosterone replacement market estimated at $5.0 B

We plan to move hormonal therapies into our pipeline

     Female hormone replacement therapy (HRT) containing estrogens or a   
     combination of estrogens and progestins

     Male hypogonadism containing testosterone therapy

We are also continually reviewing additional opportunities in therapeutic areas and associated APIs

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