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We significantly improve delivery of dermatological and transdermal hormonal therapies by patch or gel

A Unique, Localized Spray Delivering  APIs Efficiently and Safely

Liqui-Patch®  and Our Plans to Launch Products and License our Technology

                       has licensed, film-forming Liqui-Patch® from Berlin-Based epinamics, GmbH.

We have exclusive marketing and distribution rights in the Americas and is actively developing Liqui-Patch® applications in leading dermatological therapies for Tinea Pedis and Onychomycosis and developing licensing opportunities in HRT.

Replacing Traditional

Patches and Gels

Patches and gels are inefficient in suppliyng active ingredients. They are also conspicuous, impractical and skin irritating. Transdermal gels administered by hand poses an additional risk of cross-contaminating innocent bystanders

how lp resolves


Once applied, the film dries within 90 seconds. The patient can move around freely with every motion of the body.

Low volumes of Liqui-Patch, with highly concentrated active ingredient, are applied on small skin surface areas in order to achieve the required efficacy of the pharmaceutical ingredient.


The active agents are gradually released and subsequently penetrated into the skin. They move through the various skin layers to reach the nearby blood vessel. From there they enter the blood stream and directly head for the required site of action.


Liqui-Patch delivers pharmaceutical ingredients conveniently as a liquid by airless pump spray applicator in a 100µl volume per actuation. Formulations can be applied onto much smaller skin surface areas, providing flexible dosing.

Intellectual Property

US, EU, Australian, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, South-Korean, Mexican, Russian and South-African patent with priority date 12/2005. Grants in other major markets are expected soon. epinamics GmbH is the exclusive owner of the patent rights. Freedom-to-operate analysis has raised no concerns.

Grant of patents in Brazil and India are expected in 2018  Freedom to operate analysis has raised no concern.

Liqui-Patch®  Advantages

Increased API Penetration, Ease of Application, Avoidance of Side Effects and Reduced Costs

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