We are launching a novel drug delivery technology to advance the administration and efficacy of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ("APIs") to treat dermatological and other health conditions.


Our Operations and Strategy

What We Have Done Already...

...and Our Plans to Launch Liqui-Patch® and Develop Licensing Opportunities

1.  Leverage our combined 50+ years for pharmaceutical and dermatological experience to research, evaluate and commercialize dermatological technologies in the global marketplace.

2.  Introduce a novel drug delivery technology to a market ripe for developments that advance the administration and efficacy of APIs to treat a variety of health conditions, dermatological and other.

3.  Market our newly acquired transdermal drug delivery technology due to its tremendous upside potential.

4.  Pursue partnerships and funding to gain FDA approval and then commercialize our technologies.

5.  Initially position our technology asset as a stand-alone, branded therapy for Tinea Pedis, Onychomycosis and other dermatological indications.

6.  Grow our pipeline with additional high-volume Hormone Replacement Therapies (“HRT”) which have already demonstrated greater efficacy with our transdermal technology.